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Montreal Technofossil Walk MAP

There are several locations suggested and you add more! For now you physically or virtual visit these different sites and then use the two augmented reality art pieces or you can create your own site where Black technofossils are missing.

Montreal Ancestral Technofossil

To use the augmented reality art piece just click on the box in the bottom corner of 3d art piece boundary and it should open on you your phone.

Please allow a moment for AR to load...

If on a mobile or tablet click content to launch AR experience

Scroll down to see Montreal Specific Ancestral Technofossil AR of Leaders worth honouring

Montreal Ancestral Technofossil AR
- Leaders Worth Honouring

Please allow a moment for AR to load.

If on a mobile or tablet device click the content to launch AR experience.

The audio component about the leaders is further below and has to be clicked and manually played.

Montreal Leaders Highlight
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