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Archives of (Actual) Black Technofossils Across Canada

"This research began at OCAD University in 2011 to try to find a monument / technofossil of people of African descent in Toronto. To my surprise at the time there were none. So I began to look up other major cities in Canada and was surprised to know how few there were. I couldn't help but feel like the existence of Black Canadians and their stories were being devalued and erased." - Quentin VerCetty

As of 2020, I have only been able to find 15 sculptural monument sites and out of those 15 monuments only 5 of them were made by a Black person and only 2 of them are Canadian.   


As of  2021 I will be creating the 16th monument and the first permanent Black technofossil in Toronto of Joshua Glover.

To add your input feel free to contact me or visit the
Facebook page: Archive of Canada Sculptural Monuments of People of African Descent

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